SSU Resources

We have several organizations and communities at SSU that may be good resources to you.
The CS115 Workshop may also be a resource for you. You do not need to be enrolled in the class to attend.

Moodle Resources

SSU Moodle FAQ
Many frequently asked quetions are directly answered by this SSU Moodle FAQ resource.
Moodle video resources
SSU hasseveral Moodle support videos focused on helping students.
Atomic Learning
Atomic Learing training (available via MySSU) has student training for Moodle.

Python Practice

There is practice available on the Schedule. Below are more general resources if you want to hunt for Python practice on your own.

Python Tutor
Online Python Tutor is the web-based interpreter we use in class to watch how the language is executed. Be sure to select Python 3.3 from the drop-down menus.
Code Academy
CodeAcademy offers a free Python course.
CSU's access to SkillPort has an online Python Course with videos.
MSU Python Archive
Michigan State's archive of Python projects.
CodingBat has many online programming exercises.

Python References

Here are some useful documentation and guides.

Official Python Documentation
Python 3 documentation has tutorials, API documentation and more.
Style Guide
PEP 8 Python style guide has information about white space conventions, docstring conventions, etc.
Zelle book
Website for Zelle's textbook. The simple graphics package we are using in class is taken from Zelle's course.

Past Exams

The number of exams and the distribution of topics varies from semester to semester. Contact the instructor if you have any questions about the content covered on this semester's exams.

Python Exams

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

Exam 4

Older Exams

The exams below were given when the course was taught in C++ and not Python, but they should still help you understand the format and style of CS 115 exams.

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3