CSC 115.005/006 Sonoma State University Spring 2022
Scribbler 2
CSC 115.005/006:
Programming I
Scribbler 2
Instructor: Henry M. Walker

Lecturer, Sonoma State University
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Mathematics, Grinnell College

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Welcome to the home page for CS 115.005/006, Programming I !

All sections of CS 115 are based on the following SSU Catalog description:

This course gives an overview of computer organization; arithmetic and logical expressions, decision and iteration, simple I/O; subprograms; principles of good programming style, readability, documentation, structured programming concepts; top-down design and refinements; techniques of debugging and testing. Use of the above concepts will be implemented in a standard high-level programming language.

Within this framework, the course is offered with two main variations:

Since CS 115/005.006 is quite different from the other CS 115 sections, students cannot mix another lecture or lab section of CS 115 with class meetings for sections 115.005 and 116.006. Further, class attendance for all meetings of CS 115.005 and CS 115.06 is mandatory.

Materials for this course have been developed and refined since the summer, 2011. Please browse the syllabus, course details, schedule, and other elements of this course site for course details.

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